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Smiths Lake

Pacific Palms,

Smiths Lake,

Cellito Beach.

2.5-3 hour drive north of Sydney you will find Pacific Palms. Set in between Myall Lakes and Forster this water-bound settlement derives its name from the many native palms that populate the area.


Pacific Palms is a small strip of land whose boundaries include the northern shoreline of Smiths Lake, south eastern shoreline of Wallis Lake and the Pacific Ocean.


Surrounded by water and national parks, Pacific Palms offers a truly beautiful coastal scenery, sub-tropical rain forests, pristine white beaches and three independent lake systems.


The climate is mild, with average temperatures ranging from 7 to 18 degrees Celsius in the winter and 18 to 25 in the summer.



Smiths Lake is separated from the ocean by a spit of sand which forms Sandbar Beach (fabulous for ocean fishing and surfing). It is one of the safest and most popular holiday destinations for families and water sports enthusiasts, with shallow salt water on a sandy bottom, ideal for swimming, waterskiing, windsurfing or sailing.

Smiths Lake, Cellito Beach, Sandbar, NSW, Australia
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